resultentry #riderrider usef #horsetrainertrainer usef #
1 485 Keyworth Addison 5082610 Liam Curtis Jill S 4126801
2 202 Olvert Madison S 5101595 Green Book Seaver Joanna
3 385 Fares Chloe 5559907 Zadkine Seaver Joanna
4 374 White Skyla S 5533749 Caesar Seaver Joanna
5 365 Van Cara Quinn 5432251 Pick Pocket Seaver Joanna
6 375 Baron Sofia 5232817 Astronomical Seaver Joanna
324 Levy Paris S 5566800 S & L Cocodrille Seaver Joanna
366 Bailey Quinn 5239675 Nouveau Riche III Seaver Joanna
386 Sappington Grace 5515514 Dolce Seaver Joanna

Activations require valid USEF number in results!

Membership activation data is based on Rider's or Trainer's correct USEF number being submitted with results from competition organizer. If results data received from competition organizer do not contain correct USEF number a member's points may be marked invalid until corrected.

For point corrections please e-mail