resultentry #riderrider usef #horsetrainertrainer usef #
1 252 Harris Jacob 5266183 Visto's Bespoke Copeland Ed trainer must join 4020049
2 509 Keoleian Sophia B 5349089 Coeur De Semilly Carey Kim K 4028940
335 Ramsey Madison M 5327704 Maguro Eufemia Kevin C 119273
983 Tomyn Kaylin 5285293 Givenchy Arnold Michelle L 4084179

Activations require valid USEF number in results!

Membership activation data is based on Rider's or Trainer's correct USEF number being submitted with results from competition organizer. If results data received from competition organizer do not contain correct USEF number a member's points may be marked invalid until corrected.

For point corrections please e-mail