resultentry #riderrider usef #horsetrainertrainer usef #
1 146 Zimmerman Tegan A 5081748 All I Ever Wanted Coates Renae R 134924
2 244 O'Neill Margaret 5393303 Havelly D Stannard Ashley 4037017
3 285 Scillo Lauren E 5195515 Sampson Cornejo Rahman Monica trainer must join 4627919
4 249 Hersha Malya 5484268 Sailor Stannard Ashley 4037017
5 330 Grippe Stella 5324148 Lagretto Frend-Meyers Jessica trainer must join 5264779
6 194 Placenti Izzi M 5297626 NTEC Crown Royal Johnson Kathryn G 104855
132 Longo Ella J 5216741 Cassaland Beran Betty 012882

Activations require valid USEF number in results!

Membership activation data is based on Rider's or Trainer's correct USEF number being submitted with results from competition organizer. If results data received from competition organizer do not contain correct USEF number a member's points may be marked invalid until corrected.

For point corrections please e-mail