resultentry #riderrider usef #horsetrainertrainer usef #
1 2220 Fitzgerald Maegan 5192650 HG Sibelious Kotowicz Rachel E 294004
2 2008 Hurchalla Alexis 5318972 Cantaro M Hendricks Troy 268312
3 2071 Reed Emily 5141178 Commendable Crolick Greg 194076
4 2230 Engel Emma 5244882 Candlemaker Ford Harrison C trainer must join 269524

Activations require valid USEF number in results!

Membership activation data is based on Rider's or Trainer's correct USEF number being submitted with results from competition organizer. If results data received from competition organizer do not contain correct USEF number a member's points may be marked invalid until corrected.

For point corrections please e-mail