resultentry #riderrider usef #horsetrainertrainer usef #
1 555 Ruh Christine A 4768019 Stardust Schoellkopf Susan B 12782
2 273 Leikin Maggie 4102671 Saint Eligius Alinen Emily trainer must join 4549852
3 292 Elghanayan Anna 5015354 Carat I Elghanayan Dariush 54941
4 266 Casserly Elizabeth 4908267 Silvio B Elghanayan Dariush 54941
5 556 Mariucci Ashley 5041343 Prince Phillip Bates-Colon Suz 117328
210 Crabtree Sandra G 4771943 Parl Foster Cindy 111155

Activations require valid USEF number in results!

Membership activation data is based on Rider's or Trainer's correct USEF number being submitted with results from competition organizer. If results data received from competition organizer do not contain correct USEF number a member's points may be marked invalid until corrected.

For point corrections please e-mail